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About Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Who are we and what are we about? Have a look at our Vision and Mission


The AICC is the business platform created by the Africa Leadership Summit (ALS) in line with its vision of linking African cities, sectors, and systems with Israel. It is the vision of the AICC to build a credible platform of business engagement in a mutually beneficial collaboration between the nations of Africa, African Diaspora, and the nation of Israel.


It is the mission of the AICC to establish credible Chambers of Commerce in every city of Africa, among Africans in the Diaspora, to facilitate trade, investment, and exchange of ideas, between African peoples and Israel.


aicc structure

The AICC is structured into 2 distinct type of Chambers, described as regulatory and functional Chambers. Regulatory Chambers are those responsible for establishment, administration, and compliance of Chambers. Regulatory Chambers primarily facilitate trade business between Chambers and Israeli businesses. Regulatory Chambers include International Continental and National Chambers of Commerce. Functional Chambers focus on trade, business, business of members and administration of their own Chamber. Functional Chambers include City/Community, State/County/Province Chambers.


The International Chamber is the apex Chamber with the responsibility to coordinate all the AICC activities on all levels. (International -; Continental-; National-; Regional-; and City/Community Chambers, Israel and the Diaspora.) The International Chamber is a regulatory Chamber. The International Chamber shall liaise with other Chambers of Commerce with similar objectives in the overall interest of the AICC. The International Chamber brokers business relationships between all Chambers and Israel and regulates these relationships.


The Continental Chamber is a regulatory Chamber. It oversees the AICC affairs on the continent excluding the International and the Diaspora.


The National Chamber of a country is a regulatory Chamber that oversees State/County/Province Chamber activities and takes responsibility for all the AICC activities within the Country. The National Chamber is responsible for registration and compliance of all Chambers within the country. The National Chamber is accountable to the Continental- and International Chamber.


State/County/Province Chambers are functional Chambers. These Chambers source for business for their members and are directly responsible for the development of businesses of members. They are equally responsible for the administration of their own Chambers. State/County/Province Chambers are accountable to their National Chamber.


Community/City Chambers are functional Chambers. In keeping with the AICC’s emphasis on the “Bottom-Up” approach, these Chambers are expected to be the strongest.

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