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AICC is an acronym for the Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce. It is an association of businesspeople in different communities in Africa, Israel, and among Africans in the Diaspora.

  • The AICC promotes business between Africans and Israel.
  • It establishes Chambers of Commerce in cities of Africa and among Africans in the Diaspora.
  • These Chambers of Commerce guarantee credibility and capability of prospective businesses.
  • It links and builds partnerships between businesses in the same sector.
  • The AICC further links businesses of similar culture and values.
  • It develops Intra-Africa trade.
  • It mobilizes necessary support through advocacy for modern Israel.
  • The AICC is committed to the development of Africa through business.

  • Hosting trade missions and exhibitions.
  • Sharing information and business opportunities.
  • Offering a directory of goods and services on the AICC website for members.

At the 2015 Africa Leadership Summit (ALS) held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel from 23 to 27 August 2015, it was resolved that a body to be known as the Africa – Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) be formed. Although the linking of African businesses with their Israeli counterparts in every sector was part of the inaugural ALS in 2013, it was only in the second edition that AICC was presented as one of the application tools for the advancement of the vision of the ALS.


Accordingly, a committee comprising representatives from different regions of Africa was inaugurated as a Think Tank to deliberate on the feasibility as well as create the necessary framework for the establishment of a credible and sustainable AICC.

The AICC is recognised by notable Israeli businesses and organizations. It was launched by the Mayor of Jerusalem in 2017 during the Africa Leadership Summit. There were over 23 Israeli companies that attended the launching in Jerusalem. Its members have been invited for presentations at the Israel Export Institute. Ministers of State in Israel have attended AICC functions and have extended their support.


- Consistently going beyond average to deliver superior quality and results.


- Inventing new solutions.


- Building in absolute truth, accountable transparency, and justice.


- Ensuring growth of businesses able to contribute towards transformation of communities.


- Developing a spirit of responsibility, love and accountability as opposed to that of entitlement.

  • The appreciation of Israel’s heritage in the Bible and the celebration of this heritage through business.
  • The opportunity to link African cities and sectors with the best technology, innovation, and ideas out of Israel.
  • Mobilization of Africa to give necessary support to modern Israel.
  • The inspiration for Africa and African businesses to partner with Israel and Israeli businesses towards community development in both Africa and Israel.
  • Homecoming: opportunity for the African Diaspora to participate in trade, business, and investment towards the development of Africa.

  • What is the rationale behind partnering with Israel as opposed to plainly progressive African countries like Rwanda or Ethiopia?

Israel has cutting edge technology applicable to all sectors of the economy. Most progressive countries of the World buy patents and technology products and services from Israel. Africans have decided to buy from the source and to by-pass the middleman. Besides, modern Israel has proven to be the technology and innovation hub of the world hosting research centres for most leading companies of the world. Modern Israel has fulfilled Biblical prophecy making the deserts of Israel blossom like a rose. Africans want to develop our own land and economy and have decided to be part of the commonwealth of Israel tapping into the potential of the covenant that God made with Abraham that through him and his descendants all the families of the earth will be blessed. In addition, the AICC promotes Intra-Africa trade.


  • How does the AICC respond to hostile propaganda against Israel?

The AICC is both a business and an Israel advocacy platform. There are millions of Africans who believe strongly that Jerusalem is the home of the Jewish people and the eternal capital of the Christian faith. No politics can change that view. The AICC is therefore not apologetic about this position but seeks to contribute meaningfully to the debate and persuade all governments in Africa to rise above prejudice and anti-Semitism by recognising the historical and Biblical right of Israel to the land.

  • The AICC is positioned to help:

    • Advertise your business on the online Directory of Goods and Services.
    • Possible partnerships with Israeli businesses, other African businesses and/or businesses in the Diaspora.
    • Build businesses of strong foundations and trans-generational value.
    • Access different forms of capital.
    • Afford businesses the security of guaranteed credibility.
    • Make friends with businesses of like-minded people and culture.
    • Learn business skills that sustain global corporations.
    • Connect faith and business to be a blessing to your community and the world.
    • Access to Business Advisory Services.
    • Access Business opportunities through the AICC network, referral service and partnership with other business organizations.
    • Access to all AICC Business members’ portfolios.
    • Discounted rates on all AICC Chamber services including trainings, workshops, trade fares etc.

Members who register on the International network will be encouraged to connect to Local Chambers as soon as possible for them to benefit from the advantages offered on the Local Chamber Level.

These advantages include:

    • Businesses registered on the Local Chamber will be considered first when requests come in from Israel or the Diaspora.
    • Information and connection with local businesses and events.
    • Discounted rates to attend local events.
    • Access to the Local Chamber website.
    • Access to credible local business partners.

  • Once registered, load your basic business information unto the Directory of Goods and Services and upload your own website link to generate traffic to your website.
  • Additional advertising space is available on the website and will be quoted according to size and location on the page.
  • Register to attend the 2022 Africa Leadership Summit and exhibit your unique products/produce or service at the AICC Expo in Jerusalem.

To become a member of the AICC, you need to love Israel and believe in the future of Africa beginning with your community. AICC members include African businesspeople who are Christians from all denominations and operate on the basis of Biblical values.

  • There is a once off non-refundable application fee of $20 that includes your vetting, registration, and free subscription for the year in which you apply.
  • Annual subscription fee of $20 to the International Chamber is payable from the year after registration.
  • Each Local Chamber decides its own Annual Membership Fee.

  • The Vetting process provides a questionnaire (Link to vetting form) for potential members. This is to establish their level of capability and credibility to do business with other African cities/countries, Africans in the Diaspora, and Israel.

    Minimum requirements include that members’ businesses are:

    • Legally incorporated
    • Financially healthy
    • Owned by or largely jointly owned by ethical businesspeople.
    • Have unique professional experience/expertise.
    • Capable of enhancing AICC activities AND/OR
    • A high level of commitment beneficial to AICC upliftment AND/OR
    • Special connections/occupational placement favourable to achieving AICC goals.

    All members will be required to be willing to: -

    • Submit to the body of rules and code of conduct adapted by the AICC.
    • Be accountable.

    Where it is necessary, proof documents and/or other forms of verification will be required to ensure the accuracy of given information.

Visit the AICC International website and sign up with a non-refundable $20 fee to become a member of the International Chamber.

A vetting form must also be completed, and your membership will have to be approved by the AICC International Board.

Your fee includes application, free vetting, free registration, and 1-year free subscription in the year of application to the International Chamber.

To renew your subscription an annual fee of $20 is payable to the International Chamber. Once registered, log in and upload your business profile to the online Directory of Goods & Services.

Yes. A registered member of the AICC may be deregistered.

If the executive members of a local AICC Chamber finds that the individual is dishonest and unreliable either in his private or business life, such a member may be deregistered by a majority decision of the executive members of the Chamber. A member may also be deregistered by the International Board of the AICC based on the same reason as above. Please note that this refers to the present and not the past life of the member.

The AICC International is registered in South Africa as a Non-Profit Company (NPC). It is also registered with the department of Social Development as an NPO. It complies with all the requirements of a Non-Profit Organization and the South Africa Revenue Services (SARS).

The AICC International’s headquarters is in South Africa and is governed by the laws of South Africa.

The Constitution of South Africa provides for freedom of religion, association as well as freedom of expression. (See sections 15, 16 and 18 of the 1996 Constitution of South Africa.) The AICC operates in South Africa within the provisions of these sections of the constitution.

AICC Chambers are generally expected to comply with constitutional provisions of the country in which it operates, and it is established.

The AICC has a founding document, in which the constitution as well as a set of values are described. These values guide the operations of the Chamber and every member is expected to abide by these values. It is appropriate to state that the AICC is a value-based Chamber of Commerce.

The AICC is open to credible businesspeople that uphold Godly values within every community.

The AICC has no political affiliation. It is not affiliated to any political party. However, the AICC encourages its members to belong to political parties that promote Biblical values and support Israel.

The AICC is different in many ways:

  • It is a faith-based association of businesspeople.
  • It is unashamedly supportive of the state of Israel and committed to advocacy for Israel.
  • The AICC encourages local businesspeople to establish their own Chamber and connect with Israel as well as other African countries.
  • The AICC seeks to connect business with development of Africa.
  • The AICC is not ashamed of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel), the connection that Jesus Christ established for gentiles (nations) on the cross at Calvary and the need to celebrate this heritage through business.

The first International Board of the AICC includes selected and nominated members from the Africa Leadership Summit which holds biennially in Jerusalem. Election to the AICC International Board will take place at the International General Meeting of the AICC in Jerusalem during the biennial Summit. The local Board of every Chamber includes selected and nominated members of the business community who satisfy the leadership criteria set out in the founding document of the AICC. Every Chamber conducts nomination and elections as applicable during its Annual General Meeting.

The AICC is funded through:

  • Registration and annual subscription fees from its members.
  • Donations received from members and the public.