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Become a member of the AICC


Membership of the AICC Chamber is open to all individuals and corporate Organizations in Africa and Africans in the Diaspora who are interested in the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the AICC. The Chamber also appoints Honorary Members where appropriate.

To become a member of the AICC, you need to love Israel and believe in the future of Africa beginning with your community. AICC members include African businesspeople who are Christians from all denominations and operate on the basis of Biblical values.

Every successfully registered member will be included in the AICC Members’ Directory of Goods and Services (database of business profiles of all registered members) and have access to the business profiles of both Israeli and African members.

Any applicant who does not pass the credibility check will unfortunately not be able to become a registered member but may re-apply once the condition(s) responsible for their disqualification improves. 

Member Benefits

The AICC is positioned to help:

  • Advertise your business on the online Directory of Goods and Services.
  • Possible partnerships with Israeli businesses, other African businesses and/or businesses in the Diaspora.
  • Build businesses of strong foundations and trans-generational value.
  • Access different forms of capital.
  • Afford businesses the security of guaranteed credibility.
  • Make friends with businesses of like-minded people and culture.
  • Learn business skills that sustain global corporations.
  • Connect faith and business to be a blessing to your community and the world.
  • Access to Business Advisory Services.
  • Access Business opportunities through the AICC network, referral service and partnership with other business organizations.
  • Access to all AICC Business members’ portfolios.
  • Discounted rates on all AICC Chamber services including trainings, workshops, trade fares etc.

Joining Process


Sign up online with a non-refundable $35 application fee to become a member of the International Chamber. 


Every application will pass through a vetting process, to check the credibility of every applicant.


To renew your subscription an annual fee of $35 is payable in the month you registered to the International Chamber.

Members are encouraged to join the nearest Local Chamber to them to benefit maximally from this platform.  Local Chambers have their own subscription fees that is determined by each Local Chamber.