Strategic Partners


The vision of ICLD is to establish training programs in the cities of nations of Africa beginning with South Africa. It is to raise the standard of leadership in society and through the application of scriptural ethics, raise the quality of service in government, business and industry for the revelation of the glory of God among the nations of the earth. The Institute actively supports Israel and hosts the biennial Africa Leadership Summit in Jerusalem.


Africa Leadership Summit

The Africa Leadership Summit (ALS) is a fellowship of leaders.It focuses on connecting Africa to God’s way, God’s word and the replication of the Abrahamic mantle for the discipleship of African nations. The Abrahamic mantle captures the authority of a father leader to develop nations according to the original blueprint in heaven.It includes the divine capacity to establish foundations of trans-generational effect in cities and different sectors of society.


Vuka Africa Foundation was established to declare and herald a message of Hope, Healing and Restoration of Africa, from Province to Province in South Africa and from Nation to Nation on the rest of the Continent.

Vuka Africa brings this great message in song, dance, word and print calling Africa

  • To arise,
  • to lead her own restoration and
  • to rebuild her ruins and her desolations (i.e. in families, cities, provinces and nations)

    The message of Restoration encourages the people of Africa to take their responsibility to build and develop their continent thereby making it the best place to live in the world. We seek to establish strategic partnerships with government, business and the church, pulling together to mobilize Africans to arise and lead their own restoration.

South Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce promotes business and investment between Israel and South Africa. SAICC offers dynamic opportunities for mutual development and growth. SAICC believes that there is great potential for closer interaction and bilateral trade across areas such as South African commodities and agriculture, along with Israeli’s world class technology and innovation.


Plummet Mission is a Missionary House fully involved in training missionaries and sending them forth to African countries and other nations of the world for the work of the Kingdom. Plummet Mission is also committed to the restoration of the Church back to the pattern revealed in the scriptures.


Israel-Africa Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic player in fostering, promoting and enhancing trade relations between Israel and Sub-Saharan African countries. : IACC does not only provide their member companies with valuable resources for growing their business, but also serve as an active interface during the various stages of Israeli-African cooperative efforts. AICC promote bilateral trade relations, assist the business communities in Israel and Africa in locating trade partners and business opportunities, and provide business information, initial market data and relevant economic indicators.


South African Zionist Federation

The South African Zionist Federation is a constituent body of the World Zionist Organisation; and the representative in South Africa of the World Zionist Organisation.

The SAZF looks after matters relating to Israel and its image in South Africa. As advocates for Israel in this country our mission is to build strong support and love for the Land and State of Israel. This support remains powerful among the SA Jewish community, and millions outside the community. We work pro-actively to reduce the amount of anti-Israel sentiment in South African political, religious and cultural communities through education, advocacy and lobbying.


The SAZF acts on behalf of the South African Jewish Community in all matters relating to Israel; and is the umbrella organisation responsible for all aspects of Zionist activity in South Africa.


South African Friends of Israel

The “South African Friends of Israel” is a movement that promotes dialogue between the South African Jewish community and the broader South African community through dialogue and engagement with SA Faith, Cultural, Political and Civil Society organisations and movements … this in the pursuit of ensuring a balanced view and a better appreciation of Israel by all South Africans.