To be a leading Chamber of Commerce that provides a credible platform for engagement in mutually beneficial business between the nations of Africa and Israel


To connect members to the Abrahamic Covenant, Mantle and Blessing through a highway of trade, investments and ideas between Africa and Israel


1. Excellence

Consistently going beyond average to deliver superior quality and results

2. Innovation

Inventing fresh new solutions and progressive ways

3. Integrity

Building in absolute Truth, accountable transparency and justice

4. Development

Ensuring growth that includes and transforms communities

5. Leadership

Father-type responsibility and love that continues to give (vs. take) for Africa’s sake

Our Philosophy

What makes AICC Unique

  • The appreciation of Israel’s heritage in the Bible and the celebration of this heritage through business
  • The opportunity to link African cities and sectors with the best technology, innovation and ideas out of Israel
  • Mobilization of Africa to give necessary support to modern Israel
  • The inspiration for Africa and African businesses to partner with Israel and Israeli businesses towards community development in both Africa and Israel.
  • To mobilize Africans to arise and lead their own restoration through effective, artistic communication and establishing strategic partnerships with Government, Business and the Church.
  • The Bottom-Up approach that prioritizes and empowers the most disadvantaged businesses for accelerated socio-economic transformation